Interior Design

The Hunt for Rustic Barstools

dsc01050When we first bought our new home we agreed that we would take our time decorating and furnishing the place (in part because we were still saving for our wedding at the time in addition the fact that we just spent money on a new home). While I admit at first I felt a little impatient at the idea of having to wait, I came around and I can honestly say now that I am happy we decided to take our time. Waiting has given us time to research for design inspiration and figure out what styles match us best. It has also given us more time to search for the perfect furniture pieces instead of rushing and purchasing everything at once.

So when it came time to making a purchase we decided to come up with a priority list of which pieces of furniture would be purchased first. The first item on our list was barstools for the kitchen since our new home needed counter height stools so we couldn’t bring our previous taller barstools with us. I was on the hunt for barstools that would add a bit of a rustic touch to our all white kitchen. When I found these Madeleine Armless Fabric Stools at Restoration Hardware I knew they would be the perfect match. The weathered finish on these oak stools gives the right amount of a rustic feel to our otherwise pristine kitchen. I hope you all like the way they pair with the kitchen as well! If you are on the hunt for similar barstools I included the direct link below to our barstools in addition to two other styles we considered.

  1. Madeleine Armless Fabric Stools in Burnt Oak – Restoration Hardware
  2. Aaron Wooden Batsool in Seadrift – Pottery Barn
  3. Remy Metal Stool in Gunmetal – Restoration Hardware


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